From a very early age I fell in love with storytelling, specially illustrated storytelling. At 16 I began working part-time at Theatre Sesam, Gothenburg Sweden. For me, that theatre was a place where magic was created. I started off as a theatre assistant where I had opportunities to help out in so many aspects of production, such as manning the box office, helping painting props, painting shadow puppets and of course all minor things that keeps a theatre and their staff running. As I grew older my responsibilities grew and at 22 I got the fantastic opportunity to be their producer full-time. I continued working there until 2006 when I came to Australia for a working holiday and as fates had it, I’m still here.
In 2007 I began my degree in Digital Arts and 3D Animation in Sydney at JMC Academy. In 2013 I began freelancing as illustrator and I’m proud to having been a part of many amazing projects since then. 
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